Instructional Methods Course–Competence Based Education and Training Based

Target group

All persons who are directly or indirectly involved in training activities but have not attended any pedagogic courses.

Duration: Four (4) Weeks

Course Objectives

  1. To develop Competence Based Modularized Training materials
  2. To plan instructions, select techniques, prepare and use instructional materials
  3. To carry out training
  4. To carry out training assessment and evaluation
  5. To manage workshop

Course Outline

  1. Methodology
  2. Introduction to CBET
  3. The DACUM Chart (Developing a Curriculum)
  4. The Occupational Unit Standard
  5. Scheme of Training
  6. Training and Learning Element (TLE)
  7. Teaching Methods, Strategies and Techniques
  8. Instructional Planning
  9. Micro-instructing
  10. Assessing and Evaluating learning
  11. Workshop Management
  12. Educational Psychology
  13. Communication Skills

Course Fee

  1. TZS 1,250,000.00 per participant.
  2. The fee covers tuition, hand-outs, session break tea and lunch for 20 training days