Message from the Principal

On behalf of the MVTTC community, I am pleased to welcome you to Morogoro Vocational Teachers Training College (MVTTC).

Our stakeholders are prospective students, parents, benefactors, employers, VET providers, and alumni following up on new developments at MVTTC.

Here at MVTTC, we offer several short and long-term programmes that aim to address the general and specific needs of different groups of stakeholders serving in the technical and vocational education and training sub-sector in Tanzania and beyond.

Our clients can also find several ICT and Educational Management skills development programmes as described on our prospectus. The information contained on this website will enable our stakeholders to realize their aspirations in searching for new learning experiences.

MVTTC embarks on trainee-centered learning approaches that promote intuitive and innovative thinking excellence and which enhance problem-solving skills through multi-discipline curricula meticulously enriched.

Our staff are dedicated to offering excellent service deemed necessary in ensuring quality deliverables with the fullest professional potential.

Welcome and experience with us. If you need further information about MVTTC don’t hesitate to contact us

We look forward to serving you diligently.

Samwel A. Kaali
June 2022