Certificate of Assistant Vocational Teacher

Programme Objectives

The aim of Vocational Teacher Education is to provide enriched vocational education which is essential for success in competitive and open market economy. More specific, the programme focuses to:-

  1. Develop a good command of vocational teacher on the subject matter;
  2. Develop a skill to stimulate experience in the taught trade area through creation of an emotional learning atmosphere;
  3. Develop an understanding of psychology so as to bring about new modes and methods of achieving the goals in consonance with the reactions of the learners:
  4. Develop proper attitudes towards teaching so as to maximize the achievements from both the material and human resources;
  5. Develop self-confidence in the teachers; and
  6. Enable teachers to make proper use of instructional facilities

Duration of Study

Duration of study for Certificate of Assistant Vocational Teacher is one (1) year which involves institutional training, practicum and teaching practice (TP).

Entry Requirements

To join this programme an applicant must have CSEE with a minimum of two passes at CSEE excluding religious subjects and a National Vocational Award level Three (NVA III) in any vocational occupation.