Modern presentation

Target Group

Directors, Managers, Registrars, Coordinators, Teachers

Duration:         One (1) week

Course Objectives

  1. To make participants to recognize the need to have presentation skills.
  2. To enable participants to outline the basic structure of a presentation.
  3. To make participants aware of the impact of nerves and body language on presentation.
  4. To enable participants to recognize the importance of planning for the presentation.
  5. To enable participants to carryout short presentation.
  6. To impart skills to participants on using LCD projectors, pointers and other electronic presentation devices.

Course Outline

  1. Preparing for a Presentation
  2. Planning the content
  3. Presentation Structure
  4. Preparing presentation resources
  5. Techniques for effective delivery
  6. Managing resources
  7. Evaluation of a presentation

Course fee

  1. TZS 450,000.00 per participant.
  2. The fee covers tuition, hand-outs, session break tea and lunch for 5 training days.