Postgraduate Diploma in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (PGD-TVET)

The Postgraduate Diploma in Technical and Vocational Teacher Education (PGD-TVTE) is a one-year programme taught in four blocks of 13 weeks each. It aims at providing the learners with the knowledge, skills and competencies in the field of technical and vocational education. Among others, the programme will enable the learners to appreciate the ethical dimension of teacher professionalism in Technical and Vocational Education. The goal is to equip the learners with a strong theoretical and practical understanding of technical-vocational education while integrating ICT in their teaching.

Program Summary

Course Name: Postgraduate Diploma in Technical and Vocational Teacher Education
Course Initials:  PGD-TVTE
Duration:  1-3 years
Total Units:  13
Mode of Delivery: Blended Mode

Entry Qualifications
A candidate aspiring for admission into Postgraduate Diploma in Technical and Vocational Teacher Education (TVTE) Programme should hold:

Option I
A Bachelor’s Degree or an Advanced Diploma in the fields related to technical and vocational education and training from any recognized institution
Option II
A Bachelor’s Degree or Advanced Diploma in any field with additional experience of at least three years as an instructor in technical and vocational education and training.

Programme Structures, Requirements, Levels, Modules, Credits and Awards
Programme Structure
The PGD-TVTE programme will be offered in a Blended Distance Learning mode, with some face-to-face sessions supported by online resources, technologies and services. This is a flexible programme whereby clustered courses will be taught and covered within four blocks of 13 weeks each. The courses will be conducted in MVTTC off-campus Centres and at OUT Regional Centres as the need arises. For quality assurance purposes, learners will do assignments and modular examinations at the end of each academic block.
Course Credits
The PGD- TVTE programme shall have a total of 130 credits.
Course Structure and Duration
The PGD-TVTE programme shall extend for a minimum period of one calendar year consisting of four academic blocks, and the first batch is expected to run from April 2020. This duration is for all courses and will include supervised Independent study. The candidates will take 8 core courses, and one elective course. The independent Study will fall under either Educational Research; Scientific Research; Innovative Project; or Entrepreneurial Project.

The Courses
Each PGD-TVTE programme course (module) will carry at least ten (10) credits; and one is required to take a minimum of nine (9) courses i.e., the 8 core plus one elective. Teaching Practice (TP) and Independent Study (IS) are key components of the PGD-TVTE programme each with 15 credits. The PGD-TVTE programme components are presented in the matrix below.

Programme Structure
Semester I

OEA 511  Foundations of TVET and Workforce Development

OEA 512  Learning Psychology and Didactics in TVTE

OEA 513  Curriculum Development in TVET

OEA 514  Management and Leadership in TVET

OEA 515  Entrepreneurship in TVET

OEA 516  Media and Technology in TVET

OEA 517  Gender and Inclusive Issues in TVET

Semester II

OEA 518  Research and innovation in TVET

OEA 519  Micro teaching

OEA 520  Teaching Practice

OEA 521  Independent Study

Plus 1 unit from any of the following Courses  

OEI 511T Teaching Methods for Language and Communication Skills
OEI 512T Teaching Methods for Economics and Business Studies
OEI 513T Teaching Methods for Applied Sciences
OEI 514T ICT Teaching Methods
OEI 515T Teaching Methods for Customer Service and Care Oriented Occupations
OEI 516T Teaching Methods for Electrical Installation and Maintenance
OEI 517T Teaching Methods for Carpentry and Joinery
OEI 518T Teaching Methods for Hospitality and Tourism
OEI 519T Teaching Methods for Automobile Mechanics
OEI 520T Teaching Methods for Masonry and Brick Laying
OEI 521T Teaching Methods for Welding and Metal Fabrication
OEI 522T Teaching Methods for Plumbing and Pipe Fitting
OEI 523T General Instructional Methods for Technical and Vocational Occupations

Fee Structure

 General Fees for the Programme


 1  Registration Fees  50,000/-  50  50
 2  Examination fees paid per paper (Test
& Exam)
 20,000/-  40  60
 3  Student Organization fees (annually)  20,000/-  20  20
 4  Student Identity card  20,000/-  20  20
 5  Plagiarism Fee  20,000/-  20  20
 6  Quality Assurance Fee (annually)  20,000/-  20  30
 7  Certification  20,000/-  20  30
 TOTAL General Fee  170,000  190  230
 Tuition Fees per Unit (or per 10 credits) for the Programme
 1  Cost for each course  180,000/-  180  180
 3  Teaching practice  200,000/-  200  220
 4  Project/Independent study  200,000/-  200  220
 TOTAL Tuition Fee for Courses  2,380,000/=  2,380  2,420
 TOTAL Tuition fee for the Whole Programme  2,550, 000/=  2,570  2,650

Programme Coordinator

 Janeth O. Jonas  Email:

Mobile: +255 754 929 401


How to Apply

To apply for the Postgraduate Diploma in Technical and Vocational Teacher Education (PGD-TVET), applicants can do ONE of the following options:  

  1. Apply online from the University website (, then click admission, go to postgraduate, then go to online application. Follow all the procedures, and then provide all the necessary information online.
  2. Download the Postgraduate application form from the University website (, then tick (√) against PGD-TVET programme. Fill-in all the necessary information, then send the duly filled-in form to: The Post Graduate Unit, The Open University of Tanzania, P.O. Box 23409, Dar-es-Salaam. Or scan and e-mail to, copied to