Computer Services
Computer services provide a broad Information Technology service toMVTTC community. Some of the duties are:


• The operation of a central computer system providing informationprocessing for the following departments; student’s records, academic administration, finance, personnel, asset control andlibrary.
• Personal computers, peripherals, network operation and softwaresupport/acquisition.
• Technical validation of purchases for information technologyrelated equipment.


Student Counseling and HIV/AIDS Services Action
The student counseling and HIV/AIDS Services action providesacademic and HIV/AIDS counseling. It incorporates counseling as ahelping relationship and as a means of psychological interventions. Itprovides both individual and group counseling. It also improves academic Development. Counseling is therefore provided to facilitate positivegrowth and development amongst students.
Accommodation, Sports and Culture
Hostel accommodation provides quality living rooms. There are four (4) hostels with a capacity of 146 beds. There are two hostels certificate male students, one hostel for certificate female and Diploma students has one hostel.


Sports activities provide students with a well balanced and stimulating extra-curricular environment. It provides a platform for students to participate in a variety of sporting. Students are encouraged to explore their sport talents. The trophy award ceremony recognizes both sportsand cultural achievements. Cultural activities provide students with a platform to express their cultural heritage. Extra curricula activities are vital to each student’s education.
Cafeteria MealsResident students eat in the same dining/ students’ cafeteria hall which is supervised, and maintained by a hired company. The dining hall is well furnished.


Students Government (SG)
The SG is the highest students’ representative body elected annually by students in accordance with SG Constitution. The aim of the SG is to represent all sections of the student community,including in-campus and off-campus students. Since SG is entrusted with issues and activities to represent students, their programme reflects a healthy balance of recreational and academicactivities.


Library Services
MVTTC has a stock of recommended textbooks and other reading materials in the college premises. These books are kept on special shelves and are available to students for referencing and borrowing. The College library is a centre for learning and experience. Our vision is to provide resources that support learning, teaching, research and creative expression by providing timely and effective access to information and services to the broad community, resulting in the improvement of institutional outcomes.



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