The campus has an area of 1072 square meters and within it are the teacher training facilities,the VETA zonal office, the basic vocational training centre and other educational facilities.
MVTTC is a government institution governed by the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA).At the present MVTTC is the only college in Tanzania which as a mandate to train Vocational Teachers at certificate and Diploma level with the capacity of 300 certificate students and 40 diploma students. MVTTC provides equal studying opportunities for all Tanzanians and foreigners wishing to join and pursue Vocational Teachers Training at the college.

To produce quality Vocational Teachers and experts who are capable of responding aptly to the Labour Market Demands through liaison with industry and other stake holders.

Our Vision
MVTTC’s vision is to become a centre of excellence for national and international vocational education training and specifically vocational teacher training.
MVTTC Objectives
The College was created in order to pursue four main objectives:
• Development of short and long courses,
• Provision of training in various programmes,
• Provision of consultancy services
• Research and development in line with vocational education and training to meet labour market demands

The College is situated on the foot of the famous Uluguru Mountains ranges in Morogoro municipality within a campus of 1072 metre boundary.
MVTTC is about 1Km (which is a walking distance) from town centre along Rwegasore road and is adjacent to Morogoro hotel. Being in Morogoro Municipality makes the college easily accessible from most major towns of Tanzania. The College is about 500 metres above sea level with an average weather condition and thus making it an ideal place for learning.