Enhancing Vocational Teachers’ Practical Skills
Skills Upgrading Programme (SUP) is a special technical programme established by VETA for the purposes of upgrading and updating technical skills of the vocational teachers in VET system in order to improvetheir competences.
Background of SUP
SUP started in 2006 in Dares salaam VET Zone on pilot basis.  In 2010, SUP is to be extended to the following regions:- Mwanza, Kigoma, Mbeya, Iringa, Tanga, - Arusha and Kilimanjaro
Objectives of SUP
Main Objective
The main objective of SUP is to equip Vocational Teachers with relevant Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes in the new and sophisticated technologies, so that they can improve their teaching process in VET institutions.
Specific Objectives
  • To establish skills upgrading requirements for all VET vocational teachers all over the country
  • To upgrade skills for all vocational teachers country wide,
  • To conduct systematic skills upgrading for all vocational teachers
Roles of MVTTC in SUP
MVTTC has the following responsibilities to ensure smooth implementation of the vocational teacher skills upgrading programmenationally:
  • Appoint a college based national coordinator
  • Accredit workplaces to provide occupational skill upgrading forvocational teachers,
  • Prepare and maintain a national register of accredited workplacesfor vocational teacher skill upgrading.
  • Monitor and coordinate the implementation of the skill-upgradingprogramme nationally,
  • Training of workplace supervisors as on-the-job trainers forvocational teachers,
  • Compile national quarterly reports on the implementation of theskills upgrading programme,
  • Develop and update guidelines for supporting workplaces toprovide skills upgrading better,
  • Evaluate the implementation of the programme and initiateimprovements.
  • Provide transport and meal allowance to attached vocationalteachers to industries; and supervision allowance to industrialsupervisors at work place.