Admission Process
In additional to normal admission criteria for enrolment, MVTTCreserves the right to restrict the number of students being admitted to a particular programme by means of selection.
Registration commences at the beginning of each semester after selectionhas been completed.
Students are provisionally registered until they submit the original certificates serving as requirements for admission to particular programme. Such certificates must be submitted on or before commencement oftraining.
Student Identity Cards
MVTTC issues student identity cards to each student on which thestudent’s registration number and photo appear.Lost student cards are replaced after submission of an official receipt for
prescribed replacement fee.Students are required to carry their cards in person at all times and may beasked to show such student card by any member of MVTTC in authority.Students may be denied access to buildings, classrooms and/or services ifthey are unable to show a valid student card on demand.
Class attendance
Lectures/contact sessions are presented at the reasonable discretion of therelevant tutor within the prescriptions and policy regarding tuition and training of the college administration, College Board and departments.
In-campus and off campus students are expected to attend at least 80%of contact sessions, practical and IP.
Examination admission
Student registered for a course shall be admitted to the examination ofsuch course after having satisfied the assessment requirements of thecourse.
Determination of the final mark
The continuous assessment marks and examination marks shall be usedjointly to determine the final marks in a ratio determined by Curriculumdepartment of VETA.
Supplementary examinations
A student, who fails a course in the first opportunity examination, shall be entitled to sit for a supplementary examination.The mark obtained in the supplementary examination shall replace then ordinary examination mark.
Requirement for graduation
Qualifications for Vocational Teacher Certificate will only be awarded tostudents who meet all curriculum requirements for the specific programmes determined by MVTTC administration.
Students who have outstanding financial or other obligations to MVTTCwill not be allowed to graduate.